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With its mild climate, sunny skies, and miles of hiking trails and city streets to explore, Asheville is the picture-perfect place to be in the springtime. The trees and the flowers are in bloom, the air is mildly warm and comfortable, and local adventures abound. Let’s explore some of our favorite springtime things to do!

1. Go waterfall hunting

Asheville is situated near a number of beautiful state and national parks, and many hiking trails offer spectacular views of beautiful waterfalls, such as Linville Falls, Daniel Ridge Falls, the Hunger Games Waterfalls at DuPont State Forest (so named because scenes from the movies were filmed there, and actually named Triple Falls), and so many more. Scout them on your own or use a helpful resource like this handy guide to hiking to waterfalls near Asheville.

2. Check out American art

If you’re into art museums, the Asheville Art Museum is a must. This newly renovated local gem focuses primarily on American art of the 20th and 21st...

How to Clean Your Apartment When Moving Out featured image.jpg

Before moving out of your old apartment to White Oak Grove in Asheville, your old apartment definitely should be cleaned. Follow our ultimate apartment cleaning checklist to ensure you get your full rental deposit back! Most renters don’t pay much attention to the end-of-lease clean-up, but in fact it is often a stipulation on leases, where, if you don’t do a proper cleaning, you risk losing part of your security check, just as if you had broken something. So before saying farewell to your old place, here’s what you need to clean beforehand.

Thinking about moving to West Asheville and need an affordable, well-located, well-built two-bedroom apartment? Check out Whit Oak Grove Apartments’ gallery page to see everything our new apartment community has to offer!

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If you’re in a studio or a one-bedroom apartment and you’re looking to upgrade, a two-bedroom apartment is a great choice to make. Not only do two-bedroom apartments have considerably more space overall, that space is spread out nicely throughout the whole apartment in addition to the extra room. There is ample space, then, to pursue any number of hobbies, have a guest room, or use the space for other options. If you’re looking for a two-bedroom apartment in Asheville, White Oak Grove Apartments has some beautiful floor plans that you can check out before contacting us to make an appointment to view our apartments and find your new home.

Having extra room in your apartment means you can have a dedicated dining area in addition to the living room and the two bedrooms. It simply gives you more space overall, and the extra room can be used in a number of ways:

  • Fancy a roommate? Even if you don’t at...

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Most of the time it can be really nice to stay home for the holidays, or even to host your families and friends near and far. Sometimes, in apartment complexes, people can feel a little cramped or crowded, but if you live at White Oak Grove Apartments in Asheville, you know that’s not going to be a problem. Staying home for the holidays, however, can seem to take on a more ominous tone when you’re doing it because of restrictions and recommendations required by the concern of a pandemic. When we all started washing our hands more, stopped touching our faces and started investing in basic PPE to wear regularly out in public at the start of the Covid-19 spread, probably none of us thought it would impact our Thanksgiving or other holiday plans.

Yet, here we are, and there’s no greater bunch of people who know how to pull up their bootstraps and approach challenges positively than the American public. Within a few months we’ve gone from a society who wouldn’t think about wearing a face mask in public, generally, to one that keeps extras in our cars,...

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More space: everyone looking for an apartment is always looking for it. It’s especially ideal when it comes in the form of a whole extra room. To be able to have an additional room devoted solely to a music studio, gaming area, office, meditation room, man cave...so many possibilities, it seems like the sky's the limit! This is especially true at White Oak Grove apartments, where our in-apartment and community amenities are unmatched in West Asheville.

For a limited time, we’ll give you one month’s rent free if you lease one of our two-bedroom apartments. Why are we doing this for our two bedrooms? The addition of an extra room gives so much more space to really make your own. When you live at White Oak Grove Apartments we want you to feel completely at home. Extra space simply increases that feeling organically. Now you have an additional room to devote to your hobby, your passion, your work, your kids, or just about anything you can dream up!

Looking for some ideas? Set it up with your PlayStation and make it a...

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At White Oak Grove Apartments, you’ll find a bounty of luxury amenities to make you feel at home. Amongst these amenities is our recent certification at the Bronze level of the ICC 700 National Green Building Standard™, an independent, third-party certification that demonstrates our commitment to green living. The rigorous requirements of this certification are met by all White Oak Grove apartment homes, and we are extremely excited to share this with you. As we work to build comfortable, beautiful communities into the 21st century, we also want to build communities that will have as little impact on the environment as possible. This shows that we are committed to a healthier lifestyle, both for our residents and for our planet.

The certification means that we implement a number of green living elements, such as:

  • 100% hard surface flooring in all of our homes — so nothing to trap dirt, dust or dander

  • Utilization of low-VOC paints for improved indoor air...


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