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Welcome to Your Sustainably Built Home

At White Oak Grove Apartments, you’ll find a bounty of luxury amenities to make you feel at home. Amongst these amenities is our recent certification at the Bronze level of the ICC 700 National Green Building Standard™, an independent, third-party certification that demonstrates our commitment to green living. The rigorous requirements of this certification are met by all White Oak Grove apartment homes, and we are extremely excited to share this with you. As we work to build comfortable, beautiful communities into the 21st century, we also want to build communities that will have as little impact on the environment as possible. This shows that we are committed to a healthier lifestyle, both for our residents and for our planet.

The certification means that we implement a number of green living elements, such as:

  • 100% hard surface flooring in all of our homes — so nothing to trap dirt, dust or dander

  • Utilization of low-VOC paints for improved indoor air quality

  • Specific measures taken to ensure moisture control for durability and indoor air quality, as well as potential reduction of mold growth

  • Radon mitigation and control measures to reduce exposure to radon

  • Energy Star® appliances use up to 50% less energy than standard appliances

  • High-efficiency plumbing fixtures save 20-30% on water usage

  • 3rd-party insulation and air sealing inspections are carried out by Southern Energy Management, to make sure installation and inspections are of the highest quality, therefore reducing bills while increasing comfort

We also have created a green living space that is the perfect spot for enjoying a sustainable lifestyle. Our location is ideal for promoting walking and using mass transit in West Asheville. This way, we can all work together to reduce those single person vehicle trips that add so much pollution to our beautiful mountain air! Not to mention the savings on gas, oil changes, wear and tear on your vehicle, and much more.

We try to reduce urban infill development by building up instead of out, so that our units are soaring instead of sprawling, with an average of 17 units per acre of land on our property. Our terrain adaptive architecture makes helpful use of the inclusion of retaining walls and basement foundations. Furthermore, our apartments are constructed in a way that encourages efficiencies to be created that help lower residents’ overall carbon footprints.

As we like to say, living green is really about embracing better ways to live on the whole. It’s about creating healthier ways to connect as a community, and healthier ways to live overall. We want you to know that simply by living your lifestyle day in and day out, you’re contributing to a more sustainable present and future. We must learn how to utilize our resources in ways that are smarter, without sacrificing comfort or aesthetic, but while aligning with the values of sustainability and green living. It’s crucial for the generations that follow that we make these changes today. At White Oak Grove Apartments, we want to welcome you to the best in green living that West Asheville has to offer.