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Why Get A Two Bedroom Apartment In West Asheville?

More space: everyone looking for an apartment is always looking for it. It’s especially ideal when it comes in the form of a whole extra room. To be able to have an additional room devoted solely to a music studio, gaming area, office, meditation room, man cave...so many possibilities, it seems like the sky's the limit! This is especially true at White Oak Grove apartments, where our in-apartment and community amenities are unmatched in West Asheville.

For a limited time, we’ll give you one month’s rent free if you lease one of our two-bedroom apartments. Why are we doing this for our two bedrooms? The addition of an extra room gives so much more space to really make your own. When you live at White Oak Grove Apartments we want you to feel completely at home. Extra space simply increases that feeling organically. Now you have an additional room to devote to your hobby, your passion, your work, your kids, or just about anything you can dream up!

Looking for some ideas? Set it up with your PlayStation and make it a dedicated gaming room. Or, for analog fans like us, set up a big table for games like Scrabble, chess, and fun board games. Turn it into your own personal library, complete with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and a couple of comfy reading nooks. Make it your relaxation space, with soft and comfortable furnishings, throws, tons of pillows, soft little rugs scattered about, and calming colors like lavender and pale blue to keep the space one of calm and peace. You can turn it into an exercise room with a weight bench and barbells, or a yoga room with mats, blocks, straps, and perhaps a big screen TV to stream internet yoga programs right into your own yoga space. Create a man cave with a big screen, comfy recliner, pennants of your favorite teams on the walls, fridge stocked with all of your favorite goodies (bonus points if it has a freezer for you to keep a stash of frozen pizza and mozzarella stix), you name it. If you are spiritually-inclined, this can be a lovely place to create a shrine or place mementos of things that are important to your spiritual path and it can be a pleasant place for meditation, too. If you have some flexibility in your job to work from home, you might create a home office that you enjoy working in. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Alternately, you might really need a two-bedroom, if sharing custody of children, caring for an aging family member, or providing care for a client who requires assistance in your own home. Our spacious two-bedroom apartments give everyone the space they need while providing plenty of places to gather together and enjoy one another’s company. You can check out our floor plans to learn more, and of course, please feel free to contact us with any questions.

At White Oak Grove Apartments, we are excited about your future with us, so if you decide that you do want to lease with us, know that your satisfaction is our number one priority. To take advantage of this incredible deal, contact us today!