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Benefits of Renting a Two-Bedroom Apartment in Asheville

If you’re in a studio or a one-bedroom apartment and you’re looking to upgrade, a two-bedroom apartment is a great choice to make. Not only do two-bedroom apartments have considerably more space overall, that space is spread out nicely throughout the whole apartment in addition to the extra room. There is ample space, then, to pursue any number of hobbies, have a guest room, or use the space for other options. If you’re looking for a two-bedroom apartment in Asheville, White Oak Grove Apartments has some beautiful floor plans that you can check out before contacting us to make an appointment to view our apartments and find your new home.

Having extra room in your apartment means you can have a dedicated dining area in addition to the living room and the two bedrooms. It simply gives you more space overall, and the extra room can be used in a number of ways:

  • Fancy a roommate? Even if you don’t at present, you might consider one in the future. Aside from living with a person you select and whose living behaviors are copacetic with your own, it can be especially pleasant to come home to someone who is already there. They may be making dinner and offer you some, or cleaning up the house: things that you now won’t have to do. You may be bursting with some great news — a promotion at work, an exciting development in a class at school, you upped your weights by ten pounds at the gym and still scorched your workout — and you’ll have a built-in person to share it with. Similarly, you might have a shoulder to cry on when bad news rears its ugly head. No matter what, roommates can come with a lot of up sides.

  • Do you find yourself hosting friends and family frequently? A lot of us who live in such an amazing city find that we are frequented by guests often. Instead of having to pull that sagging old sofa bed out or worse, have them sleep on the couch itself, you can offer them their own room to enjoy while they stay in your home. And if you have a two-bedroom and two-bathroom apartment, you can offer them their own bathroom, too. Having the extra room outfitted with a bed and a bedroom suite means that when you don’t have visitors, you can enjoy that space as a meditation room or a room for your hobbies, such as practicing a musical instrument, painting, or as a home gym. It also means that when you have time that visitors aren’t frequenting your home, you can sublet it for a few months at a time here and there and make a little money.

  • Are you an artist or musician, or a collector? Your second room might be perfect as a place to draw your inspiration, practice or otherwise create music, or showcase and stow your collections. While we discussed this a bit earlier, it’s important to note that if your hobby or gym workout or collector’s work can be done in a room, getting that two-bedroom apartment will ensure that you have a safe place for the items related to your music, art, workout, collection or whatever else draws your fancy. It also gives you a place specifically for those items and those doings: the things you do to practice or create or paint or itemize or however you approach your hobby or collection or the like.

  • Married or in a relationship? If you and your partner or spouse are looking towards pregnancy in the near future, an additional room is a must. Not only will it be a dedicated place for the baby, but the room can grow up with your baby as they make their way through childhood. It’s simply one less thing to worry about through pregnancy and infancy, and even if you have the baby sleep with you frequently, you will still want your own dedicated room to yourself, too. Babies can, of course, co-sleep with their parents and some parents choose to go this route, but at some point, it will be helpful for everyone to have their own spaces.

  • You could, of course, simply have the home office of your dreams. Having a dedicated space to work at home makes you considerably more productive, if you are able to close the door on everything and just focus. Carving out a space in your bedroom or in part of another room is definitely doable, but having a space that is separate from everything else is ideal. It cuts distractions down considerably, and you can make your own perfect spot for work there, with all of the furnishings you desire, cool artwork on the walls, and the walls painted an uplifting color like light yellow or sky blue, to keep you focused and productive. If you work at home, this is most definitely the ideal setup, and it can come true if you’re looking for two-bedroom apartments for rent.

These reasons, and plenty more, are all compelling thoughts on finding a two-bedroom apartment for rent. If you’re in Asheville, White Oak Grove Apartments has a number of two-bedroom floor plans certain to satisfy any taste. We’re sure that you will love living at White Oak Grove Apartments: our features and amenities simply can’t be beat! Contact us today to make your appointment. We look forward to meeting you, and showing you your new home.